System Refresh

This post reflects changes that were made long ago – the post was never published, so we are publishing it “for the record”.


  1. On the investigator’s dashboard, on the “Recently Updated Candidates” list, the action items labeled PHS and Edit were changed to Case and Candidate. The two items launch processes to open the PHS/Case or the Candidate respectively.

  2. It is now possible for investigators to modify their login name to any value of 8 characters or more with no spaces.

  3. The applicant’s name appears on the window frame when working on various contacts.

Defect Improvements:

  1. When using Internet Explorer to printing a questionnaire for any type of reference, the screen became modal (all disabled) forcing the user to back out and log in over again.

  2. A misspelling was resolved on the PHS printout.

  3. On the PHS launch window, the reports dropdown included a duplicate for “Print Questionnaires”.

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