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Build 49.6

A few small improvements:

  1. On the Legal tab, the first question regarding incursions with law enforcement was modified. The first set of directions is modifiable in your account. The second set (the bulleted list of various substances) was unnecessary and potentially conflicting with the instructions provided. Now, if/when the candidate answers Yes, then the list box for entering each law enforcement incursion appears. Otherwise, it remains hidden and the bulleted list is gone, so modify your instructions as you need.

  2. When printing all questionnaires, either via the Questionnaire Report or the Full Background Investigation Report, it would print only the first Spouse questionnaire. So, we fixed that.

  3. In the previous build, we improved the way the case journal posts changes made by the candidate. This resulted in larger records than the journal was designed to hold and on the Legal tab, with its many questions, if the candidate answers all, it overwhelmed the journal and presented an error. To work around this, we made the last item in each section an "auto-save" so the record is saved as the user progresses and changes are minimized.

  4. The printout of the Spouse Questionnaire was missing some answer explanations. How did that go on for so long?

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