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POBITS Data Analyzer

The POBITS Data Analyzer is an Excel workbook containing several worksheets. The Case Summaries Data worksheet contains the data downloaded from your POBITS account. All other worksheets contain one or more pivot tables and charts based on the Case Summaries Data worksheet. Each pivot table references a Table labeled "DataTable". This ic critical to understand because when you copy your data to this table, it's not a matter of simply copying your data to this worksheet - you must preserve the table. This is simple. Here's how to load your case summary data into this workbook.



  1. In POBITS, go to the Reports menu and select Case Summaries. This will download a CSV file to your computer.

  2. Open the file (it should open in Excel by default).

  3. Select all rows except the header row, and copy (Ctrl+c)

  4. In this workbook, select the Case Summaries worksheet and select cell A1. Paste (Ctrl+v).

  5. In this workbook, select the Data menu on the ribbon and select Refresh All.

  6. All worksheets will now present data and charts based on the data.


Note that from time to time, we may make improvements to this workbook. The file is located at the above link with a version number assigned and before starting your data analytics journey, check to be sure you have the latest version.


We welcome your suggestions for other data analytic presentations that you need. Please send comments and suggestions to

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