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About AwareIM


Building the POBITS system presented many challenges. The system would be complex and needed to be highly organized to manage hundreds of business objects.  Besides just providing lists and forms to manage data, we needed a built-in notification capability to generate email notifications and an organic report generator to build a report as complex as the Personal History Statement. Because the system would be used by thousands of average users who may have minimal computing experience, the system had to present a simple and standardized user interface. We also needed a built-in access control system to manage the many types of users in different roles that would be using the system.


Secondly, we had to consider time to market and maintainability. Basically, we went from install to hello world in just a few minutes and were immediately "aware" that this tool had potential well beyond any other technologies we were considering for the project. We estimate that about 40% of the base product was developed during our 30-day trial of the software.


Another exceptional aspect of AwareIM is that it allows the developer to focus on business requirements and build out from those concepts. For example, we don't have to think about databases, tables, and indexes. Rather, we consider business objects, attributes, and their relationships.


To underscore the point of AwareIM's power, the POBITS system was developed by a single developer and put into user testing within six months. Oh yeah, and the developer had a full-time job outside of this project!


Developers and non-developers looking for a tool to produce high-quality business applications should look no further. To lean more about AwareIM, visit their web site at




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