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New Areas of Concern Feature

We’ve added a new feature that is sure to improve your background investigation process. Previously, when a candidate responded Yes to any PHS question, we provided the PHS evaluation report to round up all of those responses and inform you via the PHS Evaluation Report. Since the the candidate must provide an explanation to all Yes answers that provide specific dates, location, and pertinent details, we turned each response into an “Areas of Concern”.

There is a new button on the PHS screen labeled “Concerns” and it lists all of these items including the investigative area, the PHS question, and the candidate’s explanation. When the investigator opens any item, there is a form for providing comments regarding the issue and a final determination that the issue is Disqualifying, an Area of Concern, Against Department Policy, or a Fully Mitigated Issue.

So the first thing the investigator should do when a candidate completes and submits a PHS is to examine the Concerns list or run the Areas of Concern report (located in the little drop-down box).

Note that these items will only be of value for PHSs that are submitted after December 18th, 2012. Any PHS submitted earlier will still have the candidate’s response but the investigator will be unable to update the items with remarks and conclusions.

A second items we’ve added is the candidate’s SSN to be entered when the candidate record is created. The purpose is to give POBITS the ability to check whether the candidate already exists in POBITS within your account. This will prevent entering a duplicate candidate into your account. You are not required to enter the SSN but if you do, it will check for a duplicate. It also will provide the ability for POBITS to notify you of any other POBITS account for which the candidate has a previous or ongoing background investigation.

These features have been added at the request of various POBITS users and we encourage you to contribute your thoughts and wishes for system improvements.

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