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System Refresh

This refresh includes an update to the development tools used to create POBITS which provide additional features for developers and end users. It also changes the underlying libraries that provide all of the presentation and application server aspects of the system. Therefore, some elements have changed over which we have no control – we just accommodate them. While there are significant changes, most are infrastructural and allow us to provide enhanced features. We have a list of requested features that we intend to publish but wanted to get this major release published first under the concept of not trying to do too much at one time.

We plan a number of small releases to provide all of our contemplated changes. First isthis release under the new development tool. This will include some minor changes to the look and feel of the system. The specific changes in this update are listed below.

  1. We removed the Status column from the Recently Updated Candidate list. This is the list at the top of the Investigator’s dashboard. The reason is that this list only shows Active candidates so its inclusion is pointless.

  2. Previously, the user could click anywhere on a list item to select the item. This is true for all lists. Due to changes in the way the list operates under the new library, this is no longer true. Now the user must click one of the action item links on the list to open the item or perform some other related action.

  3. There was an action on the menu tree to extend candidates. This was removed. To extend a candidate, use the Extend action link on the recently updated candidates list on the dashboard.

  4. When searching for Cases on the Search panel, the Case Number and the drop list for Military Service was added as a search item.

  5. On the PHS printout, the employment history now sorts strictly by Employed From, descending.

  6. The logged in investigator can update his/her profile. This includes selection of different themes. We didn’t create the themes. Some are suitable and some aren’t. If you find one you like, enjoy. If you need to come back home, select the Gray theme. We don’t test the application in all themes and some may exhibit presentation issues.

Please let us know right away if you encounter anything unusual.

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