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POBITS Recent Builds

  1. Build 26 included minor bug and cosmetic fixes.

  2. Build 27 provided underlying database changes to support a change enabling the assignment of investigators to cases; they are currently assigned to candidates. An automation was used to assign the candidate’s investigator to each case in the system.

  3. Build 27.1 applied this new paradigm to the user interface. Here are the specific changes:

  4. It is now possible to assign an investigator to a case using the drop-down box on the case front page.

  5. It is now not possible to assign or reassign investigators to candidates. However, when creating a candidate, you will still assign an investigator. Assigning an investigator triggers the creation of a case and the case’s investigator is drawn from the investigator assigned to the candidate. From that point on, the investigator selector on the candidate’s form is no longer available and is no longer necessary. While this relationship, the assignment of an investigator to a candidate, still exists, it is of no consequence to the system user. When a new investigator is selected for any case, the assigned investigator is also assigned to the candidate. There is an internal use for this but it is of no interest to the system user.

  6. On the investigator’s dashboard, the list of recently updated active candidates is replaced with active cases. The list generally looks the same but you are actually viewing cases where you used to view candidates. Clicking anywhere on the list will open the case.

  7. In the background, there is a field in the Case record called “Investigator of Record”. Whenever you change the investigator for a case, the Investigator of Record is set to the title and name of the chosen investigator. This value is primarily used on the cover page of case reports. The reason for this is to allow the investigator to be deleted if necessary without affecting the Investigator of Record value.

  8. These changes have a number of ramifications on what the user sees and how the system is used. It’s possible, and likely, that we have overlooked something but whatever it is can be adjusted. So keep an eye out for things that you need that are no longer available. Anything like that will be an easy fix.

  9. So far, two users have reported that when they open the Case Search window, the Investigator column is empty. To resolve this, select the widget in the top right of the list that is shaped like a clockwise circular arrow. This will reset your list to the default configuration and once the list is redisplayed, you will be able to see the investigators in the column.

  10. If you have any problems with the changes in this release, just drop a note to

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