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Build 60

  1. In the modern PHS, we now capture fields that are in the Classic PHS but were overlooked in the Modern. For continuity reasons, their values are copied to the Classic PHS for certain data summaries in data extracts. They are:

    1. Post Academy (Yes/No) is captured in the Education Section of the Modern PHS but the value is now mirrored in the Classic PHS.

    2. Certified (Yes/No) and Certified State are new fields in the Modern Education Section of the PHS and are mirrored in the Classic PHS for data purposes.

  2. For Modern PHSs created since the inception of that concept, there will be a data gap for these values, which is only applicable when creating certain data extracts. This is not a big issue and not an issue at all for the majority of users.

  3. We added a feature whereby you can convert a Reference (presumably one marked as a current or former romantic partner) to a Former Spouse to facilitate issuing the Spousal Questionnaire rather than the Reference Questionnaire. Using this feature is entirely at the discretion of the Investigator.

  4. The build includes some cosmetic fixes in reports.

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