• Kingsley Klosson

December 2013 Refresh

Here are the changes included in this refresh:

  1. Modified the People I am Waiting On List. Default view now groups by Candidate name. Added filters to search on Candidate or Respondent’s name. This will filter the view to the results. If you have a lot of people on the wait list, it’s probably best to use these filters. This list also now support grouping by any of the columns. The list was also expanded to display up to 50 items without paging.

  2. The drop-down for selecting investigators to assign to a candidate now excludes Viewers, as it should.

  3. Some improvements to the Completion View queries. Added the Exams attribute. When exporting to html or csv, the headers now display the field abbreviation. When selecting the department view, the list is grouped by investigator.

  4. Removed access to the Journal from the Candidate form. When viewed from this perspective, the Journal only provided limited Journal entries and was confusing. The Case journal is currently accessible from the report drop-down on the PHS case view window.

  5. Modified Full Background Report process by changing the order of actions. Should be no change to user experience. Trying to resolve an intermittent issue.

  6. When viewing Investigators from the Organization Setup screen (only available to Managers), a shortcut link to invite the investigator has been added to the list row.

  7. Possibly no distinction to users but the visual perspective (main window) presented to an Investigator role is now using the same visual perspective as provided to a Manager role, with certain items only viewed by those in the Manager role.

  8. The Landlord object now includes a value for Company – to enter the name of a property management firm or other entity other than a person. This value appears at the top of the Landlord Questionnaire and several other useful places.

  9. Landlord and Employer questionnaire letters now include the company and respondent name in the header.

  10. The system will now send a daily reminder message to each candidate set to “Active” status whose PHS is in stage “2 – Candidate Update”.

  11. Added an option for “Intimate Relationship” to the possible relationships for References.

  12. Removed Locale tab from Organization Setup. Locale is now handled differently.

  13. Added queries to Departmental Candidates menu folder that mimic those under the My Candidates menu folder.

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