Build 47


  1. You can now assign specific Supplemental Forms to each position. This is set on the Position form when creating or editing a Position. By default, we've set each position to use all Supplemental Forms. So if the feature is of no interest to you, no action is required and all positions will assign all Supplemental Forms when cases are created. Otherwise, edit each position to check just the forms you want per each position. These settings only affect cases created after this change. The Supplemental Forms on existing cases are not modified and must be changed manually if needed.

  2. We have added the column for Other Topics #7 (Do you have any tattoos?) to the list of columns viewable on the Dashboard Cases and the Case Search under the Search/View menu. The column is hidden by default so if you want to display it, select the verticle ellipsis on any column header and choose the Columns sub-menu. Note that if you have customized the list settings and saved them, you will have to first reset the list to the standard view using the "revert" back circle in the top-right of the list AND preset the Reset Window button on the button bar. After doing so, the Tattoos column will be visible in the list of selectable columns.


  1. We moved the Logout button from the personal menu to the top bar for easy access. It's always good to logout of your session.

Database Modifications

  1. The system creates a table called Position_ref.

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