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Build 39

Changes and Fixes:

  1. Updated the platform software. Nothing here for the user but the platform update gives the developer more options and features to include in the application. This mostly affects the development environment and features, though it also applies some changes and improvements to the production platform.

  2. Previously, the “forgot password” function on the sign-in screen was disabled due to a vulnerability in the platform that was addressed in this recent update, so this feature is re-enabled. The help desk is very pleased.

  3. When inviting multiple candidates from the list of candidates on the Group window, we had removed the ability to set their questionnaires to Preliminary status. This was due to complications with that process that caused some errors and that misled some users regarding the function. We put our best programmer to work recoding that process and thoroughly tested it. We improved the dialogs in this process to provide perfect clarity on what to do and what not to do.

  4. Users in the Investigator role did not have access rights to create interviews.

  5. When opening the Case Disposition from a Review, the form now includes the investigator’s name.

  6. PHS Concerns are actually an aggregation of many different types of objects and are represented by the candidate’s answers to various questions. In the case of drug use, the question asks for the last approximate date of use. For most other items, it asks for the approximate date of the issue. The PHS Concerns Report is constructed in two variants: one when printed alone, and another when embedded in the Full Background Investigation Report. When printed alone, it is possible to display “Last Approximate Date” for a drug use item. When embedded, it is not possible since each instance listed may be a different topic. Therefore, for the embedded report, under Approximate Date, we have included subtext stating “For drug use, this is the last approximate date of use.”.

  7. Users in the role of Recruiter are presented with a query of cases they can review. We improved the ability to filter on various columns by changing the filter criteria for each column to the most suitable. For example, when filtering on a name, the criteria is a “starts with”, for items that are selectable, we provided the drop-down selection, and for a few, we set the criteria to “contains”.

  8. Added the following options to the Reviews menu:

  9. All Completed Reviews Assigned to Me

  10. All Approved Reviews

  11. All Disapproved Reviews

  12. All Approved Reviews Assigned to Me

  13. All Disapproved Reviews Assigned to Me

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