• Kingsley Klosson

Build 36.2.1

Fixes and improvements:

  1. Changed the description of the Email notification checkbox on the Pre-Loaded tasks dialog.

  2. For Supplemental Forms, the system now tracks whether the candidate has actually changed the form and set a flag when so. Then, in the validation routine, it looks for any Supplemental Forms not so flagged. When found, it stops the validation process and reports it to the candidate for correction.

  3. The Supplemental Forms list now provides a visual indicator that the form has been completed by the candidate. Given the rules set above, the investigator should see all green checks once the questionnaire is submitted but the value is for the candidate to help him/her in knowing what has been done so far. Note that the candidate and the investigator see the same screen for Supplemental Forms.

  4. Modified the Pre-Loaded Tasks concept a bit by adding an attribute called Auto Initiate. When checked, the task will auto-initiated – meaning that the clock has started. If the Email Assignee box is checked, then the person assigned to the task will receive an email. If you set the task to auto initiate, it makes perfect sense to also check the Email option, but it’s conceivable that you may not, so it’s optional.

  5. Added a panel to the investigator’s dashboard to display open tasks. Note that by right-clicking on the dashboard, you can select/deselect items to display – I bet you didn’t know that!.

  6. Added option for Task Status of “Rejected” (customer request).

  7. Viewers (set as Case Reviewers) could not access the Reviewer or Purpose droplists on the Review screen.

  8. Added a panel for My Reviews on the Viewer’s dashboard. It’s the top panel. Refer above to the fact that users can hide panels they do not use.

  9. Fixed some missing icons on the Active Candidates list that appears on the Viewer’s dashboard.

  10. Viewers did not have full access to Themes and Time Zone settings in their profile.

  11. On the Investigator’s Profile screen, the droplist for Time Zone selection was too narrow.

  12. On the Investigator’s Profile screen, the Access Log Tab was missing its icon. This is how much we care about your experience!

  13. Reorganized the Task screen somewhat.

Database Changes:

  1. Added a column named AutoInit to the Task and PreloadedTask tables.

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