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Build 34


NOTE: Users will have to clear their browser cache or things will get visibly weird. You only have to clear files.

  1. Installed updated server platform (v8.4).

  2. Changed many icons that were necessary due to the platform update.

  3. Added Interviews report to the Case Report Menu.

  4. Several help topics added and linked throughout the application.

  5. Changed Support Center platform to a new vendor (from FreshDesk to Zoho)

  6. Modified the forms for all relatives so that for those checked as Deceased, most of the information is hidden and not required.

  7. Performed a complete audit of the application to impose consistency throughout the user interface.

  8. When entering or editing Supplemental Forms in your account’s library, we’ve included a check for special characters that can cause downstream problems.

  9. On the Case Review form, added buttons to launch the Executive Summary Report and the Full Background Investigation Report.

  10. In the Legal investigative area, under Undetected Acts Part I and Part II, you can now set the preamble text to the instruction that informs the candidate how far back in time to declare these activities. This is set in your Account Setting and is defaulted to 7 years.

  11. Google Map presentations were restored for all references and schools. However, this feature did not pass testing in production as it did during development and testing. We’ll be checking into it.

  12. The invitation message sent to candidates was altered slightly to improve technical support services to the candidate.

  13. On the Account Settings page, the smtp server settings section was removed. This was an experiment that didn’t yield the results we hoped for.

  14. We occasionally set a message to be seen by all users when they log in. Most commonly to advise of an unavailability period. The manner in which the message is displayed was changed from a message in the corner that fades away to a message on top of the window that must be acknowledged.

  15. Some verbiage on the candidate’s education investigation area screen was removed regarding transcripts. The candidate will rely on the customizable text regarding high school and college transcripts that appear on each school form.

  16. Added the option in the Account Settings to optionally not ask for the amount of substance used on the drug usage explanation. When checked, no users see this item and it does not appear on reports.


  1. The Forgot Password function was not working. We think it is now, but it can only be tested in production. So we will see.

  2. It was not possible for the candidate to nullify their response to being legally authorized to work.

  3. When saving a supplemental form in the candidate’s case, the document name is changed to the Form Name as supplied by the investigator. This was done to prevent the document name from containing incompatible characters such as ‘, %, &, etc.

  4. When printing/exporting any of the case reports, an apostrophe in the name like “O’Grady’, would cause the export to fail because the Tomcat server could not process the character in the filename. When exported, any apostrophe character is eliminated, i.e., O’Grady becomes OGrady.

  5. All emails are now designed to use as the from address. This reconciles the problem of the from address domain not matching the sending server’s domain. Actually, it still doesn’t because the mail is sent through a third-party server but we have applied domain records to authorize that service to send on behalf of our domain. The bottom line is that email delivery should be greatly improved and possibly 100%. The fight goes on…

  6. On the motor vehicle history investigative area, a Yes/No question asked: “Have you received a traffic citation in the past 7 years?”. It was changed to “Have you ever received a traffic citation?” When Yes is selected, it makes the citation section appear. Within that section is a variable text item in which the Manager can set the text to your standard criteria such as “List all traffic citations” or List all traffic citations in the past 7 years”. The text value is set in your Account Settings.

Database changes (things you don’t care about):

  1. Added column to SystemsSetting table named GoogleMapsKey to hold the key for Google Maps in support of change/addition #11 above.

  2. Several tables added to support the ZipCode API function that gets zip codes for a radius around a given zip code:

  3. LEAgencies

  4. LEMasterList

  5. ReturnedZipCode

  6. ReturnedZipCodeMaster

  7. SearchCode

  8. ZipCodeAPIService

  9. Added column to the Organization table UA1Instructions to change/addition # 10 above.

  10. Added column to the Organization table UA2Instructions to change/addition # 10 above.

  11. Added column in Organization table called NoDrugAmount to support item #16 in Changes/Additions.

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