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POBITS Performance Issues

Dear POBITS Customers,

The latency in certain query displays has been going on for some time while we analyzed it to understand the issue. The latency is affecting some queries based on Cases, which are the investigator's dashboard and the query on the main menu to search for cases. I have engaged a consultant and worked with the vendor of the platform on which POBITS is developed and hosted. On the good side, there is nothing wrong with the database. It appears that the platform is handling these queries a bit oddly but the platform does what the platform does. My next step is to configure certain aspects of the queries for better optimization. There will be changes you see and some you don't, but the intent is to reduce the processing time to present them. I plan to start the work on the coming weekend (Sunday). At this time, I am unsure how much I can gain but during the analysis, I definitely saw some improvements with certain changes.

Thank you for your patience. I know exactly how frustrating it is to wait for your screen to appear and I will not allow this to be the "new normal".

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