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Build 57 - New PHS

We are excited to announce Build 57 which includes an alternate Personal History Statement based on the State of Oregon's recently promulgated questionnaire and we thank the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office for their considerable support in creating this feature. This questionnaire provides a more modern and comprehensive set of questions and employs a better design for improved usability. Key features include:

  • All questions are modifiable by your account manager.

  • Questions are incorporated into the case so they are not affected by future changes i.e., the questionnaire will always present the questions as asked at the time it was completed.

  • Includes a standard PREA questionnaire.

  • Improved user experience and candidates and investigators providing clear indications of progress.

A compelling reason for adding this questionnaire is that states have become more adamant about asking specifically worded questions and we needed to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate any state requirement. All POBITS users can benefit from using this questionnaire and we encourage you to review it for adoption. Note that using either the "Classic" or "Modern" questionnaire is optional for any case. Therefore, if this questionnaire is not for you, you need to do nothing.

Before using the Modern questionnaire, proceed to your account settings and the Custom Questions tab. Review each question for potential changes for your organization. Once modified, they will be incorporated into all cases created going forward and you can modify them later with no effect on the previously completed cases.

To use the new questionnaire, create a new position and check the box for the "Modern" questionnaire. When that position is assigned to a case, the Modern questionnaire will be employed. Note that if you never assign a position to a case, the Classic questionnaire will be used.

We also encourage you to create a fictitious candidate for testing and reviewing the new questionnaire. If you already have one, you can simply create a new case using the position associated with the Modern questionnaire and invite the candidate. Note also that you should close any old case as only one case can be "open" when you invite the candidate.

We remain committed to providing background investigators with the best possible methods for determining candidate suitability for a career in law enforcement and hope that this new feature advances your ability to do so.

Secondly, we are updating our website and currently have some very old customer testimonials. If you would like to contribute a testimonial regarding POBITS and/or our customer service, please send it to

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