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Build 50.0

Feature Changes:

  1. When initiating a Review, you can now choose to assign the review to a specific reviewer or add it to a queue. The Queue is now the first item under the Reviews menu on the dashboard. A review assigned to the queue is available for any reviewer. Note that you can use the same review and advance it through your review steps. For example, if your first review goes to the queue and a reviewer performs the review, you can then assign the review to a specific reviewer, which adds the review assigned specifically to their review queue. You can continue to do this, presumably, advancing the review step as you go, though you don't have to use review steps at all. Anytime you change the reviewer, the Results item is cleared. If you use the review process this way, we recommend that each reviewer initial their own comments along with their adjudication i.e., Approved / Disapproved. In the future, we may add a chronological list of reviewer comments.

  2. When a candidate adds Personal References, the following items are now required:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Relationship

    4. How long known

    5. Email address

    6. Mobile phone

    7. Home phone

    8. Work phone

    9. Home address

    10. Home city

    11. Home state

    12. Home zip

Previously, the system tested for at least one attribute for contact i.e., phone, address, email.

Database Changes:

  1. In the Review table, added a column called ReviewType (text 50).

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