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Build 45.0

New Features:

  1. For the two questions in the Legal section regarding theft (UA1-15 and UA2-15), I have provided the flexibility to include the thresholds for your state at the misdemeanor and felony levels. I did some research, and these criteria in each state are all over the place. In some states, there are tiered thresholds at several values. In POBITS, we desire to distinguish between lower-level (misdemeanor) crimes and higher-level (felony) crimes regarding theft. It is up to you to define these two thresholds. By default, I have set them at $250 for the misdemeanor level and $1,000 for the felony level. It is likely that these are not the thresholds in your state since each state varies considerably. You should change these values right away. To do so, proceed to the menu with your name and select Account Settings, which requires that you be in the Manager role, and select the Logo and Settings tab and the section titled Legal Tab Customizations.

  2. One customer requested the ability to not ask for the date of birth. This option was added to the account settings. In most cases, you will not want to select this option and it is not selected unless you select it. This addition requires no action unless you want to employ this option.

Database Changes:

  1. Two columns were added to the Organization table: PettyTheftThreshold and GrandTheftThreshold.

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