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Peace Officer Background Investigation Tracking System

 I. Usage Agreement

This is a private computer system and is the property of the Essential Software Development, LLC. It is for authorized use only. This system is intended for the sole use of law enforcement agencies to streamline information collection with regard to background information on candidates for positions of public trust. If you have not been specifically provided instructions for accessing this system then you are not an authorized user.


II. Privacy

This system presents questionnaires to authorized users to acquire relevant information on a candidate's personal history in a variety of dimensions. All information and data acquired through this system is used only for this purpose and is not shared beyond the agency that it is provided to. If you are a person using this system as a character reference for a candidate, you are offered the option to view the candidate's authorized consent release form authorizing you to respond to the questionnaire which will be used for the sole purpose of this investigation and will not be shared with the candidate regardless of the disposition of the investigation.


Responses to questionnaires from candidates or associated references are strictly private and viewable only by persons with proper authority.


III. Data Collection

This system collects no data from the user other than requested on the internal questionnaire presented within the system.

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